The Lincoln Sliding Watertight Door is a Modular constructed assembly. The door, frame, hydraulic cylinders and local actuating equipment is one assembly. The local actuating equipment is mounted on a plate that can be mounted to the doorframe or you may choose to install the plate unattached from the frame. The door, frame, cylinders and local actuation center is adjusted, pre-piped, pre-wired and tested at our shop prior to shipping.

The remote components are the Modular Hand Pump Station, (installed above the bulkhead deck) and the Central Control Station (located on the Bridge). These components are supplied separately.

The Modular Style System reduces installation time in half and trouble shooting is usually nonexistent. When the assembly arrives at the yard the installation consists of welding the assembly to the bulkhead, running two hydraulic tube runs from the remote hand pump station and one electric cable run to the Central Control Station.
A service cable from the emergency switchboard will be required.

It has been our experience that once a yard has used the Modular Systems, they continue to use them.

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