The "Washington" Sliding Watertight Door is supplied with one hydraulic cylinder. A cylinder mounting bracket is supplied that is welded to a prestiffened bulkhead.

Like all USA Class II and III Sliding Doors, they are Watertight and Flame tight. They are machined for a metal to metal sealing surface as a secondary seal to the primary gasket seal. The gasket seal provides a zero leakage factor. If a fire occurred displacing 500 degrees F. or greater the gasket could be defaced, as any rubber gasket would. Our secondary metal to metal seal would maintain the doors watertight integrity during and after such a fire.

The door assemblies are adjusted and hydrostatic pressure tested prior to shipping from our manufacturing center. The hydraulic and electric actuation equipment is supplied separately. We supply all types of equipment variations to best suit your space constraints and comply with the door classification required for your installation.

We manufacture any clear opening size you request, unless it is restricted by Class requirements.

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