USA Sliding Doors, Inc. is classified as a small business. Our staff has an average of 25 years in this business.

USA Sliding Doors, Inc. is solely owned and operated in the U.S. Our materials and components are U.S. and sized to U.S. standards. We will design and build with metric components if requested.

Our motto is " Customer Satisfaction ". We engineer our systems with the customer in mind. Our goals are simple:

1. The design of our products to meet all of our customers' requirements.
2. Our products are engineered, built and tested to meet all of the Rules set forth by the Regulatory Agency governing the project.
3. We use the best materials for longevity of our systems.
4. We use components that are readily available and will remain readily available for many years. This is accomplished by using commercial products from U.S. Companies who have been in business for at least 30 years. The most up to date components, but not ones that require specialists to maintain or troubleshoot are provided.
5. We design our products so special tools are NOT required. You can completely assemble and disassemble the whole system with standard hand tools. The designs prioritize the accessibility of all components.
6. Our systems are designed to keep Installation time and costs to an absolute minimum along with meeting the customers installation constraints.
7. All equipment will have lifting eyes in place for safe and easy handling.
8. Most importantly, we design & engineer for lean manufacturing. This keeps our costs and overhead to a minimum so that we can reflect the savings to our customers with budget prices.


Our Manufacturing Center, Meikle Automation, is certified to QS-9000-TE. Their people have been manufacturing Watertight and Weathertight Doors for the last 25 years. All of our Actuation Equipment is built, assembled and tested in house prior to shipping.

We warrant our products and equipment for a period of one year after delivery. We do have extended programs available upon request.

The installation and technical manuals that we provide are complete, easy to read and user friendly. We are experienced with Provisioning Technical Documentation ( PTD ) and U.S. Navy Style Manuals if required.

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